I’ve decided to replace my current site with a Jekyll setup, so I can easily make blog posts and update it. I initially just had HTML files pushed to the server, but that came with its own kind of overhead: a few months after I’d set it up, I no longer remembered the details of how I’d set things up. I guess I should have taken notes, but Jekyll comes with documentation, so I hope that later on when I’m wondering ‘how did I do that thing?’ I won’t need to remember or hope I’ve written down the right stuff.

I’ve already made a few changes to Minima, the default theme, and hope to make more over time. I put off the switch for a while because I wanted to write my own theme from scratch, but I feel like that should come after I’ve become familiar with the Jekyll theming system.

I’m still hosting the site on DigitalOcean, but I’ve switched to using TravisCI to make deploys rather than doing it manually, and storing all the site’s content on GitHub. This will make it easier for me to maintain the site. I’ve got an education subscription using my university email, which means I can use it with a private repo.