Based on the idea of mojibake, ‘combine’ characters requiring one byte of storage into single characters requiring two bytes of storage, and vice versa. Try ‘unbaking’ emojis!


Flip a table in a rage! This emote builder lets you create your own tableflip emote.


Contains photos of snakes.

No boop the snoot. Poke the snek by moving your cursor over the snek image.


Generates stripy scarves based on sorting algorithms. Sort based on a variety of parameters with three different algorithms.


Sven Game

A work in progress web game / interactive fiction about my friend’s dog Sven being a doctor.

Space Rhythm Relay

A game I created in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2018. Echo patterns from a satellite on one side of a planet to the other side of the planet.

Planetary Escape

An audiogame I made for my EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) during my A-Levels. It’s a game playable only using headphones. Some people find it easy, others find it extremely difficult. Play it for the zombie noises :)


Vector Maps Editor

A specialized map editor created to build maps for Planetary Escape. Creates maps based on rects rather than tiles.